Merry Christmas Cactus : Re-bloom for Next Year!

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Make sure your Christmas cactus

bloom beautifully next Christmas!


One of my bloggers wrote : I have a beautiful Christmas cactus, but it didn’t bloom this year. What should I do to make it bloom next year. Another Christmas cactus leaves turned purple and didn’t look healthy, and it bloomed ! I think it got too much sun. Please help!  I love Christmas cactus’s more than poinsettias.”

The Christmas cactus is a tropical plant. Tropical plants bloom on daylight hours to delineate between summer and winter, so a brief dry out period would signal winter for the plant. If I haven’t confused you, so far, here is how to make sure your Christmas cactus always blooms.Three months before Christmas make sure the plant is completely dried out, in a highly shaded area. Perform a dark treatment, place your plant in a dark closet from 8:00pm-8:00am for about 6-8 weeks. After the plant is 100 percent dry be sure to water the plant every two or three days to ensure a beautiful Christmas bloom.


Another blogger wrote : I am strictly amateur but I have a lot of luck with Christmas cactus.  In all honesty, sometimes they need a year of rest, and they just don’t don’t bloom.  But I put mine on my back porch in a north east exposure, and basically ignore them all year.  Maybe I do fertilize them, maybe not.  I just water them when they get dry, and let them be!  I leave them there until there are heavy, full grown buds and then I bring them in and put them around the house.This year was way into December. You know, one of mine got that weird purple color too, yet bloomed beautifully. It was in the same place as all the others. 

During the summer, keep your plant in a sunny indoor location. You may also consider placing your plant in a semi-shady area outdoors. Sunlight is great because it can lead to beautiful blossoms. However, too much sunlight may cause the plant to turn a purple-red color. No worries though, as discovered by the blogger above, your plant will still blossom.