Whats Wrong With My Plants? (Rose Slugs, Asian Scale and Fungal Leaf Spots)

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I would like to share a few common questions and plant symptoms that I receive from clients and everyday callers. Have you noticed any odd symptoms with your plant? Join our blog and send a picture. I can help you save your plant.

Rose Slugs, Asian Scale and Fungal Leaf Spots! Oh, my!

Rose Slugs

Lime Green Worms

The damage on this rose bush is caused by “rose slugs”. Rose slugs are usually about 1/2 inch in length and are characterized by their lime green color. The rose slugs feed on the underside of the rose leaves. This results in a thin layered of foliage that turns a light brown color as pictured above.
To get rid of the rose slugs apply insecticide. The rose slugs will die in just 7 to 10 days.

Asian Scale

Asiatic ScaleThis Cycad is infested with a very dangerous scaled armor that can result in its ultimate death. The female armor is white, pear shaped and less than 1/16 inches long. The male armor is white and small in size, about 1/4 inches long. The hatched eggs or crawlers infest the Cycad trunk base of the leaves. This ultimately results in the infestation of the cones, seeds and roots. The severely damaged leaves will turn brown. If you detect white scales on your Cycad, act immediately.
Apply Merit Insecticide to rid your Cycad of the Asian scale. The Merit Insecticide will cause your plant to become poisonous, thus killing off the newly hatched eggs before they reach maturation. 

Fungal Leaf Spots

Fungal Leaf Spot

One of my bloggers sent in this picture of a snowball plant. Judging by this photo, I would conclude that this plant has fungal leaf spots. Fungal leaf spot occurs when fungal spores attach to the plant’s surface. Fungal spores are attracted to warm, wet surfaces. Once the spore is attached to your plant it undergoes reproduction which then causes the fungal brown spots to grow bigger. Once the entire leaf is blotched with the fungus,it will fall to the soil and continues the cycle on other leafy surfaces that may grow.
Use systemic fungicide to treat fungal leaf spot. Also, I would advise that you reduce overhead watering.