Protecting Tomatoes from Frost and Freezing

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We all know that weather can not be trusted whether its going to hot or cold. I just got a call from a man in Houston, Texas who had a frost issue with his tomatoes. Cold temperatures can damage or destroy your tomato plants. Protecting tomatoes from frost and freezing is important to having healthy crop – both at the beginning of the season and at the end.

Frost can occur when temperatures are as high as 40ºF. Moisture, rather than temperature, is the determining factor.

Low-lying areas, where cold air settles, are more susceptible to frost. If your tomato patch is in a low area, pay special attention as temperature dip into the 40s.

Tomatoes cannot withstand frost. When a frost warning is forecast for your area, choose from various types of frost protection to safeguard young plants in the spring and mature plants in the fall. Tunnel row covers, floating row covers, water barriers,individual plant covers – even sheets, blankets, and plastic – can help save tomato plants from frost injury. (Find out more about different types of frost protection).