How’s YOUR Grass Looking? (Treat for Take All Root Rot)

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Go to your grass and see if there are spots on the leaves or if the grass is just thinning out. Does your grass have big brown patches? If it’s leaf spots then apply Propiconazole and Maxide Fungus Control. If the grass is thin and when pulled, it comes up without effort… It’s Root Rot. It’s either Pythium or Take All.


Here’s a few steps to help you treat your lawn for Take All Root- Rot 

1. Adjust water for reduction
2. Apply only for the first two weeks as needed with irrigation; going as long as the grass can without water.

Slight color change of gray to grayish green ? Grass does not bounce back after stepping on it?

2a. Apply Headway Insecticide
3.   Apply (1) application of Potash to the grass which the root fertilizer will help growth at once.
4.  Don’t apply lime.
5.  Check pH for optimal growth level (high pH can ensure fungus growth)
6.  Follow the directions in a time sequence accurately.
7.  Apply liquid fertilizer lightly to grass
8.  Apply organic fertilizers such as compose and green edge.



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