3 Tips for Tree Survival

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Keep Your New Tree Healthy & Strong!

TIP # 1 – Don’t Plant Too Deep

When planting trees aim to make the plant hole as deep as the tree’s container. Many people make the mistake of planting too deep and applying too much top soil. By doing so they prevent oxygen from reaching the tree’s roots, thus shortening the  life span of the tree.  A perfect tree planting will result in the topmost root being above the soil surface. If you can’t see the root flare, your plant hole is way too deep.


TIP # 2 –  Properly Water Your Tree

Rainfall and irrigation is not enough water to sustain a new tree. Newly planted trees requires at least 25 gallons of water and approximately 1.5 inches of rainfall to survive. If you decide to use a watering bag, be sure to fill it completely to insure the tree’s survival.

TIP # 3 –  Shave your Circling Roots

If you neglect to shave the circling roots of your previously pot-bound tree it will never become established. The best roots grow straight, this insures stability for the newly planted tree during harsh windy weather.