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We are NE Florida's premier full service landscaping company. We are unique because we offer both landscape design and installation by our own employees (no subcontractors). Your project is totally managed from beginning to end by our President - Larry O'Neil.

Our Services Includes: Custom Landscape Designs ~ Landscape Lights~ Decks ~ Patios ~ Ponds ~ Outdoor Kitchens ~ Pergolas ~ Trees ~ Dog Friendly Landscapes ~ Stone Walls and Walkways ~ Project Management ~ Sodding ~ Mulching ~ Clean-Up ~ Soil Sampling ~ General Lawn Maintenance




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Garden Inspiration : “Planting Ornamental grasses…”
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Garden Inspiration : “Planting Ornamental grasses…”   Photo Credit :  “Planting ornamental grasses is the last thing many gardeners think about, but it should be one of the first. Grass is a broad term for a host of linear-leafed … Read More

Add This Wild Dish to Your Thanksgiving Table! (How to Cook A Raccoon)
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Photo Courtesy : Ingredients (1)   Large Clean & Portioned Raccoon Crushed Red Pepper Bell Pepper Onion Bay Leaves Bacon Quick Tip: To rid your ‘coon of the gamy flavor, soak it in vinegar over night or a few minutes … Read More

Dreaming of a White Garden?
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I’ve been dreaming of a white garden. How about you? Well, I can help you get started on bringing your dream to a reality. Some of the most famous gardens in the world are white gardens (Sissinghurst Castle Garden). The … Read More

Nutsedge Weeds Can Drive You “Nuts”!
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Nutsedge weed can drive a homeowner CRAZY! Do you have this fast spreading pest in your lawn?  This type of weed thrives on hot, sticky weather like the kind that we’re used to here in Jacksonville.Pulling it out by hand … Read More

What’s Wrong With My Plant ? (Root Rot, Sod Worms…)
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Take All Root Rot ­ ­ Does your grass have big brown patches? If it’s leaf spots then apply Propiconazole and Maxide Fungus Control. If the grass is thin and when pulled, it comes up without effort… It’s Root Rot. … Read More

Peanut Pumpkin “Galeux d’Eysine”
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Purchase peanut pumpkin seeds today. Call our office to place your order. (904) 346-1970